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Howto get OptionSet NameValue by SQL Feb/11/2017

Some time, in report, you need get OptionSet NameValue by SQL

Please use this SQL

SELECT fsm.AttributeValue AS Value, fsm.Value AS Name
FROM dbo.FilteredStringMap fsm 
WHERE fsm.FilteredViewName= 'Filteredaccount' AND fsm.AttributeName = 'pl_subscription'


  • Filteredaccount = 'Filtered' + AccoutnEntityName
  • pl_subscription = OptionSet column of Account
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AppSource: CRM GRID PLUS Feb/09/2017

CRM GRID PLUS now available on AppSource

Check this:

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CRM GRID PLUS 1.5 Jan/03/2017

Dynamics CRM grid and problems

Working with Dynamics CRM, you see grid everywhere

  • Grid on dashboard
  • Grid on main list of entity
  • Grid on form (when you add a sub-grid)
  • Grid on from (when you click in the navigation link) (associated grid)
  • Grid on the advanced find result window
  • Grid on the lookup window

By default, you can

  • Add/Remove columns
  • Change the order of column
  • Sort columns (Column A then by Column B)
  • Change column width (with a collection re-define width: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300 pixels)

But you want more

  • Change grid text header
  • Change column width (without use re-define). E.g: 555 pixel
  • Format column with your define. E.g.: force color, back color, align, ...
  • Condition format row (like Excel). E.g.: format: text bold, italic, force color, back color, ...
  • Border cell on grid

CRM GRID PLUS resolve all these problems above

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Q052: Business process flow Nov/21/2016

You are configuring a sales process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
The sales process needs to have an additional stage if the probability field value is greater than 50%.
Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.
A. Add a branch rule to define the condition that should display the high probability stage.
B. Add a stage to the branch for the high probability opportunity condition.
C. Create a business process flow for your sales process.
D. Create a business rule to conditionally switch between business process flows if the probability is greater than 50%.
E. Create a second business process flow for the high probability opportunities.

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Q053: HTML Webresource Nov/21/2016

You are developing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for a company.
Your solution utilizes an HTML Web Resource on the Account form.
Company employees use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile client for iPad, Android, and Windows.
How will this environment affect the user experience?
A. The users will not be able to view the Web Resource and will need to use the desktop client instead.
B. The users can view the Web Resource, as long as it is within one of the first five tabs of the default form.
C. The users will have to download and install an update rollup in order to view the Web Resource.
D. The users will not be able to use the Web Resource until their security role is updated with ISV Customizations privileges.

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