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Q049: Business process security Nov/21/2016

You have a custom entity named Entity1 that has three activated business process flows named BPF1, BPF2 and BPF3
You need to ensure that BPF2 in visible only to customer service representatives from the web client.
What should you do?
A. Branch the process flow.
B. Configure security roles.
C. Edit the process scope.
D. Rename BPF2 to come before BPF1.
E. Edit the definition of Entity1.

Category: MB2-712

Q048: Last modified by Nov/21/2016

A user named User1 is the owner of a background workflow that makes changes to an account after the Credit Limit field of the account is modified.
A user named User2 adds a new account and saves the record.
A user named User3 edits the record and changes the street address of the account.
A user named User4 edits the record and adds a parent account.
User2 changes the value in the Credit Limit field and assigns the account to User4.
You need to identify which name will be displayed in the Last Modified By Field on the account record.
Which name should you identify?
A. User3
B. User1
C. User2
D. User4

+ Assign record don't change the Last Modified By field.
+ When workflow run, (it owner by User1), workflow update data. So the field Last Modified By update to User1
Category: MB2-712

Q047: Use workflow Nov/21/2016

You need to implement a process. The process must perform the following:
- Run when a new account is created.
- Make changes to the account as the user who created the account.
- Send an email message to the account as the owner of the account. This may be a different user than the user who created the account.
Which process type should you use?
A. a workflow
B. a business process flow
C. a business rule
D. a dialog

Category: MB2-712

Q046: Duplicate detection rule Nov/21/2016

You have a user who must import a file every Monday.
The file contains contacts from events the user attended during the weekend.
The events are scheduled every weekend for the next 18 months.
You need to prevent duplicate contacts from being created when the user Imports the contacts.
What should you do?
A. Create a real-time workflow.
B. Add a duplicate detection rule to the data map.
C. Schedule a duplicate detection job.
D. Apply a duplicate detection rule to the Import Data Wizard.

Category: MB2-712

Q045: Currency format Nov/21/2016

You have a Dynamics CRM organization.
You add a new currency field named Revenue Potential to the account entity.
On a record, you discover that the Revenue Potential field is displayed as 95.66. Other records also display the Revenue Potential field in this format.
You need the Revenue Potential field to be displayed as nn.nnn.
What should you configure?
A. the display format in personal options
B. the Formats tab in System Settings
C. the default currency in personal options
D. the Currencies settings in Business Management

Category: MB2-712


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