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CRM GRID PLUS 1.5 Jan/03/2017

Dynamics CRM grid and problems

Working with Dynamics CRM, you see grid everywhere

  • Grid on dashboard
  • Grid on main list of entity
  • Grid on form (when you add a sub-grid)
  • Grid on from (when you click in the navigation link) (associated grid)
  • Grid on the advanced find result window
  • Grid on the lookup window

By default, you can

  • Add/Remove columns
  • Change the order of column
  • Sort columns (Column A then by Column B)
  • Change column width (with a collection re-define width: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300 pixels)

But you want more

  • Change grid text header
  • Change column width (without use re-define). E.g: 555 pixel
  • Format column with your define. E.g.: force color, back color, align, ...
  • Condition format row (like Excel). E.g.: format: text bold, italic, force color, back color, ...
  • Border cell on grid

CRM GRID PLUS resolve all these problems above

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CRM Grid Plus 1.4.1 Nov/15/2016

What new for this release

  • Supported Dynamics 365
  • Not supported Dynamics 365 Editable grid, Read-only grid can formatted
  • Enhance loading performance


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CRM Grid Plus 1.4 Oct/05/2016

What new for this release

  • Added format dialog for easy format, before you should typing the format css code.
  • Merge download solution files, now only one solution file, supportted CRM 2013 SP1 and later
  • Fixed bugs: ribbon button text show incorrect when not English language.


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CRM Grid Plus 1.3.6 Sep/20/2016

What new for this release

  • Added popup select color
  • Added build-in function: ADD_DAYS
  • Added parameters: CURRENT_MONTH, CURRENT_YEAR
  • Added operator BETWEEN on DateTime column


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Hide Next Stage, Set Active, Back Button in Business Process Flows Aug/16/2016

I have a requirement in my current project that hide Next Stage, SetActive and Back button in the Business Process Flows

To do that, I used an unsupported code below.

function hideBPFButton() {
    window.addEventListener("resize", hideBPFButtons);;

function hideBPFButtons() {
    var dom = (Xrm == undefined || Xrm.Internal == undefined || Xrm.Internal.isTurboForm() == undefined || Xrm.Internal.isTurboForm() == false) ? document : parent.document;
    $("#stageSetActiveActionContainer", dom).remove();
    $("#stageBackActionContainer", dom).remove();
    $("#stageNavigateActionContainer", dom).remove();
    setTimeout(function () { $("#processStagesContainer", dom).width(1894); }, 50);

In the form OnLoad, call function


Before apply code


After apply code



How to program change stage, set active, ....

  • Client side: check and Xrm.Page.ui.process
  • Server side: reference 3 fields in the entity record, update these fields and update entity record.
    • processid
      • query processid by Process Name in entity workflow
    • stageid
      • query stageid by processid and Stage Name in entity processstage
    • traversedpath
      • combine entity id string. Eg. in this case leadid,opportunityid,quoteid,salesorderid (seperator use comma)

Checked, Tested work with CRM2016, CRM2016 SP1, CRM2016 Online

Unsupported code, use it with your own risk.

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