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Advanced Find Plus Sep/09/2014

Previous post I blog: Another Global Advanced Find to make CRM 2013 advanced find show anywhere in CRM.

Then I hate 5000+ of advanced find return, so I make the solution: Advanced find Count

Everything fine. But I want it better. So I have decided to make another solution and I call: Advanced Find Plus

Advanced Find Plus
Global Advanced Find
Advanced Find Count
FetchXML Tester


Global Advanced Find

Add the advanced find button in the CRM navigation bar in CRM. Anywhere in CRM you can see it.

Advanced Find Count

When you execute the advanced find (by click the Results button). It show total records in the footer of the result page.

Function cannot count because it return the value bigger than the AggregateQueryRecordLimit setting. (default in CRM 2013 online is: 50,000). (I will blog another post to update this setting value)

But, if the return smaller, you can see like this picture

28,596 records count. No need display message like previous blog: Advanced find Count. Cool, and I love it.

FetchXML Tester

When import solution to your CRM, you can see a new button in the advanced find dialog
Click the button and it open the FetchXML tester dialog
  • A multiline textbox allow you enter the FetchXML
  • Execute buttton to execute the current FetchXML
  • Load Current FetchXml will load current FetchXML before you open this dialog
  • Load Last Execute FetchXml, when you click Execute button, it save to cached, and this button can load the last execute FetchXml
The image below show you the FetchXML I enter and when I execute, It return data and use by the advaced find CRM dialog
And the result after you execute
This solution use some 3rd party library


Advanced Find Plus

Demo CRM 2013 online for test

pass: !Ee998866
Tested and Worked with CRM 2013

Category: CRM
wrote: Sep/10/2014

Really nice but because you've copied my javascript code from my SparkleXRM multi-entity search it causes this to break.

If you change the variable and use a different icon it should work along side my solution.

It might be nice if you could credit my MultiEntity Search solution too!



Admin avatar Admin
wrote: Sep/10/2014

@Scott sorry I missing credit MultiEntitySearch.

Now included

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